Anti-aging cream with GOLD particles 50ml

*97% claim that it repairs the signs of aging and accelerates skin recovery.

Anti-aging cream with gomd pigments is one of the most exclusive products of the collection, with a lot of number of natural actives that fill in the expression lines of the face and the same time reduce the most important signs of age. Applied twice a day, it provides enviable texture and light.


Why is it unique?

There are four specific plants that give vigor to our cream and help to eliminate spots that appear on the epidermis. Aloe vera, famous medicinal plant that prevents loss of elasticity, keeñing the skin smooth and also protecting the cells. Centella asiatica, popular in chenese tradition with centuries of use, it renewes facial tissuesand delays aging thanks to its antioxidant effect. Rosehip oil provides flexibility to thr dermis, helping the healing of the face, hydrating and nourishing the skin in depth. It also, has Vitamine E and its great rejuvenating power, wich also protcts tissues radiation.