Cosmetic essentials are those products used to keep the skin clean, hydrated and protected. Or Vivant essentials include toner, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Some of our customers' opinions

Moisturising Cream Dry Skin with GOLD
"The moisturiser is like a spa treatment at home. The application is divine, and I literally feel like my skin is being bathed in gold. After using it, my face is firmer and with a golden glow that simply can't be ignored - it's luxury made cream!"

Victoria Mendoza

Anti-Ageing Cream with GOLD particles
"This anti-ageing cream is a jewel in my nightly routine. The blend of ingredients is exquisite, and every drop is like a gift to my skin. I wake up with a radiant complexion and a feeling of lasting hydration. Or Vivant has definitely raised the bar for anti-ageing creams.

Aurora Rivera

Moisturising Cream
"This cream is simply magical! Since I started using it, my skin feels like a baby's skin. The texture is light, yet deeply hydrating, and the golden touch leaves a radiant glow. Definitely a must-have in my daily routine."

Isabella Morales

Botox Effect Serum
"Or Vivant's Botox Serum is my secret elixir for rejuvenated skin. The formula is so luxurious and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and glowing with a stunning radiance - I can't get enough of the results it delivers!"

Olivia Cruz