Dry Skin Moisturizer GOLD 50ml

Whith Gold Pigments

*​95% affirm that the skin recovers its natural hydration.

As time goes by, our skin loses its original ability to retain water adequately and generates less natural fat, wich resaults in a stiff appearance. The dry skin moisturizer the skin, even in cases of peeling.


Why is it different?

It provides greater hydration, returning its natural elasticity to the body, thus restoring a younger and more illuminated appearance to the facial compmexion. It is ideal for people with dry or mature skin who want to recover their ability to retain facial water and recover their original elasticity, following the most traditional basis of anti-wrinkle treatments.
The ideal way to achieve extra effectiveness of the treatment is to apply it, just after cleanning, with your fingertips, touching the face and neck, always with upward movements.