Facial Sun Protection SPF 50 with ALOE VERA and COLOR 50ml

*100% affirm its rapid absorption, non-greasy and high protection against UV rays.

Sunlight is the main enemy of our skin, so we must take care of itd damages. Or Vivant Sun Protection Factor 50 with color manages to form a protective barrier on the facial skin, and also nourishes to mantain its softness with a touch of color for a more uniform tone.


Why is it special?

Sun damage is suffered at any season of the year, so it is vital to protect our skin every day to protect aging and spots. With a light, non greasy and fast absorbing texture, protection against solar radiation and water resistance, our sun protection obtains proven resoults. The key is Aloe Vera that regenerates the epidermis while keeping it hydrated also providing color so you can use it in your daily life and forget about makeup base.