PEARL Effect Eyes Contour 15ml

*95% say it reduces dark circles, expression lines and fine wrinkles.

It is said that ” the eyes reflect the soul”. Our Pesrl effect eyes contour takes intense care of rhat part of the face, to help enhance natural beauty that defines each person. The original features of each face are unrepeatable and must be respected as if were a temple.


Why is it unique?

Because it has an unique formulation: Argireline, a novel active ingredient for topical application indicated to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines and reduce those already present with a lifting effect that inhibits muscle contractions in a similar way to botox but without injecting. Horse chesnut, with its beneficial oak that unifies the tone altered by venous circulation. The ruscus, with its anti inflammatory action. The caffeine, with its great stimulating power, eliminates both dark circles and bags, that are signs of fatigue. Finally, chamomile with its decongestant property, and hamamelis with its fatigue reducing and astringent capacity, illuminate the complexion and provide vitality to the face in a distictive way.