Scrub with Effect GOLD and DIAMOND Tip 45ml

*99% affirm that it cleanses, revitalizes and activates the skin.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, so both on the face and body, we have to make an effort to take care of it. This task begins with exfoliation, since it is the step responsible for removing dead cells and dirt for proper regeneration. The Natural Exfoliant with Gold and Diamond Tip is tesponsible for intensely removing any trace of fat without causing damage to the face, thanks to its composition of ingredients of 100% natural origin. Thus, we will have a cleaner, smoother and more hydrated complexion.


Why is it singular?

Theu use two of the most luxurious materials that ecist to achieve a perfect exfoliation for any area of our body: gold, which ensures good hydration, while diamond is for giving vitality to the skin. It has an element of plant origin that guarantees the ideal sice for exfoliating granules to perform their correct function: apricot seeds, which mahe this exfoliant a product suitable for all skin types. You just have to spread it on a clean skin using gentle movements and rinse it with water after a few minutes